The Black Périgord, one of the four colors of the Dordogne ( the Purple , White and Green) , encompasses the largest southeastern department: the city of Hautefort north to Ville Franche- du-Périgord south , Bugue west to the borders of Corrèze and Lot east . It is known for its castles, prehistoric sites, medieval villages , landscapes and gastronomy.

Black Perigord-La-Vezere-Dordogne

Towns and villages among the most beautiful in France

Black Périgord takes its name from its dark forests of oaks whose leaves only let little light. This one is already on the cards seventeenth century to describe the Sarlat area. The Black Perigord includes beautiful valleys of the Vézère and the Dordogne . Both rivers flow through this part of the Dordogne . Here is where are the biggest tourist attractions : sinkholes, caves, castles, medieval villages … The architecture is not the same as elsewhere in the Dordogne. Many ancient roofs are covered with stones . These are the origin of limestone blocks detaching the plates of a few centimeters by a few centimeters thick. Roofers , called ” lauziers ” used them to cover the houses.

Castle -Perigord - Black -La -Vezere -Dordogne
Cave -Perigord - Black -La -Vezere -Dordogne
Perigord - Black - Castle-La -Vezere -Dordogne

In the land of the first men and castles

The Vezere valley is considered the cradle of mankind. It is here that was discovered the Cro -Magnon , which takes its name from the place of its discovery. The latter has resulted in numerous excavations in the area , thereby updating dozens of caves, sinkholes, cavities and other prehistoric sites. One of the most famous caves located in the municipality of Saint – Cernin Rouffignac . A little further south, in the Dordogne Valley is the land of castles. On both sides of the river , sumptuous fortresses invite discovery. Between the two valleys lies the town of Sarlat -la- Caneda . This medieval city is the French city with the most registered monuments or listed in the European square.

Gastronomy -Perigord - Black -La -Vezere -Dordogne

The discovery of the Dordogne and its legendary gastronomy

Unable to speak of Black Périgord without mentioning the legendary and diverse gastronomy . The Black Perigord is an exceptional gourmet terroir. We are in the land of foie gras , the nuts, mushroom and truffle . You will find a wide selection of restaurants that have managed to honor Perigord culinary heritage.

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