The traditional cuisine of Périgord is a peasant cuisine of simplicity and authenticity. The dishes are tasty and quality, yet simple and traditional. This cooking is definitely rustic, but it is diverse and respectful of products from its abundant land. It is also a cuisine prepared by lovers of good food who have learned the art of leftovers. In the Périgord, nothing is lost, everything is transformed and comes with subtlety and delicacy. The quality of the Périgord cuisine is worthy of its reputation. The Périgord gastronomy offers a variety of products and dishes representative of the French tradition of good eating.


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The traditional Périgord cuisine

Perigord happening for a long time for wearing the culinary art to perfection while maintaining its traditional rustic recipes. Cuisine infused flavors of terroir, unlike the Parisian cuisine, Lyon and Burgundy, which is described as “home cooking”, the Périgord cuisine called “peasant” is rooted in traditional revenue from its soil . The gastronomy of Perigord, proud of its exceptional products (truffle, strawberry, foie gras, mushroom, nuts), has more than ever a national and international reputation well deserved.
Being recognized as the key factors of interest of French tourists from around the world, many regional products are valued throughout the year, including walnut, chestnut, black truffle, wine, strawberry and foie gras. They are still symbolic foods of 4 Périgords.
The Perigord is visited primarily by mouth and nose. It offers its art of living at the turn of intensive steps accompanied by wines from the Bergerac region. In the Dordogne, quality and expertise are not empty words. That the abundant Nature gave the Perigord, the Périgords offer you in his kitchen.

“It is not only a country where one eats well, it is also a country where one eats and finely where the food is held for one of the fine arts.” – André Maurois

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A women cuisine

The cuisine of the Périgord is a woman’s kitchen. Its nature is female. It is secret, surprising, sensual and highly complex. In families of Périgord, the kitchen has always been a women who look only very few men. Each family holds its way of cooking, its recipes and secrets. Thus, the foie gras, white Tourain never have the same taste from one house to another.

The recipes do not give themselves lightly, do not sell. They win or inherit. Their secrets and their ways, the girls take their mothers and their mothers from their mother. This expertise is a major asset ensuring the diversity of the kitchen of the Dordogne.

It was after the Hundred Years War that women are discovering the kitchen. They also learn how to preserve food. The salt used to preserve the ham of the pig in the salting tub, while the goose fat wrapped meat quarters buried in stoneware. This approach – gastronomic heritage – even pace over the four seasons, the lives of many périgourdines families with pig festival, preparing preserves, jars, candied… A tradition handed down faithfully from generations

So let yourself be charmed by this table of countries and gastronomy where the Périgord are born kindness kind of heart and know the meaning of hospitality and friendliness. Be transported on this abundant land, where “grow” truffles, foie gras, porcini mushrooms and confit!

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