The way of a farmer in Dordogne

  • Qualifications : BEPA + BAA
  • Status :homemaker 40 ha place called: Calais.
  • 2 productions: milk + strawberries
  • Rent 2 small farms near the village and farm of grandparents (Deymarie): 20 ha.
  • shift due to land again.
  • Conversion: milk to meat.
  • Purchase of 20 cows Limousine.
  • Lease 20 hectares of grassland near the Deymarie: le Cheylard half with Mr. P. Plassard. SAU : 80 ha (70 in meadows, 10 ha of cereals) + strawberries + herd (60 cows).
  • Rentals Fromentinie retirement because sharecroppers: 35 ha grassland.
  • Self-renewal for the flock.
  • Allocation of 15 hectares of meadows spread over the town of Rouffignac.
  • SAU : 130 ha.
  • Marriage with Nadine.
  • Birth of Vincent.
  • 100-cow herd.
  • Getting to livestock buildings standards on Calais.
  • Implementation of a 1600 m2 building for housing the herd.
  • Legal status is changing: creating the EARL BOURDEILH to give a status to Nadine.
  • Land grows by rentals Rouffignac.
  • Stopping the production of strawberries.
  • Increase in the flock of self-renewal.
  • Herd of 100 cows.
  • Getting to livestock buildings standards on Calais.
  • Purchase the Fromentinie: 50 ha (35 ha for rent + 15 ha of wood) + farm buildings.
  • Vincent arrived on the farm as an apprentice after obtaining a Bac Pro Agri equipment.
  • Decision to restore an ancient house to create a large cottage to Fromentinie.
  • Orientation of agro-tourism for Nadine replaced on the farm by Vincent.
  • Pension Michel at 01/01/2014.
  • Stopping the BTS instruction to Vincent in February.
  • Goes from apprentice status to an employee of the EURL BOURDEILH.
  • Cottage in work (participation of all members of the family) to achieve the diversification of agricultural activity.
  • Vincent installation as individual operator.
  • Lease 30 ha in Mouthe.
  • Change of legal status: EARL transformation in GAEC BOURDEILH to 01.04.2015 with the entry of Vincent replacing Michel who sells his shares.
  • Opening the house to rent in July 2015.
  • SAU : 173 ha.
  • Cows: 130.
  • In project: renovation of other buildings on the farm.