Evoke the Périgord and immediately contact your look with appetite, as it is associated with an exceptional land where gastronomy holds a place of the highest order. Périgord boast the kitchen has become almost redundant. The Périgord is one of the regions of France where the best we eat , and this for centuries. This reputation has spread well beyond France. Many of these restaurants and these farm inns where there is good eating. At the heart of Black Périgord in the Dordogne, Rouffignac-St Cernin, is a place where the concept of serving regional cuisine makes sense : le Puits Fleuri .


“Le Puits Fleuri ” generous cuisine

At the farmhouse “Le Puits Fleuri “, the clientele consists 80% of regulars. For the love of good products, there is actually a semi-gastronomic Périgord, traditional, hearty and family. People who come here feel at home. One of their secrets? The diversity and quality of the Périgord products. Between soup, terrine of Foie gras, goose gizzards, duck breast, the variations are endless. The food is generous and genuine. Located outside the town of Rouffignac-Saint Cernin de Reilhac, the road of Fleurac, the farmhouse “Le Puits Fleuri ” delights, since many years, fans of Périgord cuisine. The property is owned by the Monribot family who produce themselves the products present on the map: everything here is homemade guaranteed !


An atmosphere of farmhouse inn terroir

Come sit at one of the tables of the inn “Le Puits Fleuri” is to awaken all the senses of taste and those particular. The nose and palate are constantly solicited. The inn offers authentic and traditional cuisine of the Périgord Noir, made with regional products, fresh and quality. Foie gras, soups, cassoulet, duck breast, vegetables and local cheeses will delight your taste buds! To please the fans, the card offers over the years variations on the Périgord foie gras. There is also a countryside setting with magnificent views of the lush countryside of the Dordogne. Like any self-respecting Perigord, Mrs Monribot warmth.


Canned farm of le Puits Fleuri

the farmhouse “le Puits Fleuri” offers, throughout the year, authentic canned products certified local Périgord. The ducks are bred, fattened by them and cooked on site. All their products are made according to traditional family recipes and then sold the farm. Mr. and Mrs. Monribot send you their love of the Dordogne through dishes found flavors served in their farm house or through their local products prepared in the tradition of the terroir. You will see that here everything is matter of taste.